We use Hairy Goat Design for a number of things and the latest project that they did for us was our website www.worldofmosaics.com.

From start to finish I found HGD to be so on the ball that it was more of a pleasure working with them on this than I could have imagined. From the outset they came up with the easy, clean and simple structure of the site and naturally the design side of it came with ease as this is what HGD are famously known for.

The site is now up and running and generating sales quicker than we had anticipated. HGD are also hosting the site and are beginning a long term SEO campaign with us.

The thing I have found best about HGD and the services that they provide is the unmatchable attention to detail and the way if any problem should arise, they jump on it and solve the issue without any messing, that to me is invaluable!

Thanks Debbie and the HGD team!

World of Mosaics