World of Mosaics

A new website launch is big news – and our client decided to make a big splash about this milestone event with an announcement email to all their customers.

The design includes dedicated links to the main website categories and all styling matches fully that of the new website design itself. This ensures a seamless, fully branded launch which introduces the new online presence of our client in a beautiful and harmonious way.

Full details of the revamped website design are included to help old customers find their way around the new site. This will make their transition to the new website design as easy as possible.

We included a featured best sellers are to push our client’s flagship products, along with links to new areas such as sales and gallery. This proved very effective at driving return visitors to targeted pages on the website, improving click through rates and, ultimately, sales.

Full open rates and sharing rates were included in this email campaign, which means our client can see live analytics as it happens. Invaluable for future marketing efforts.