Signum Classics

Signum Classics wanted a whole new look to their very dated online store. They wanted a classy-looking design which would appeal to their classical music niche market, but still wanted a fresh, up-to-date feel to the design. Navigation had to be easy to use and intuitive, and social media buttons had to be integrated in a seamless way.

Our designers took the colour lead from the client’s logo but it was decided not to go overboard on the use of purple as the client didn’t want the site to be too “girlie”! So we all settled on an easy-on-the-eye combination of puple and greys.

Use of curvy buttons and subtle shading, coupled with a featured artist slideshow makes for a visually exciting website design. The slideshow is really useful as our client can now push an artist and promote their albums in a simple yet effective way, directly from the home page. We’ve also added a featured products area too, so there is the potential to sell right from the very first page.

This site design was commissioned by SMB Solutions.