Keene Electronics

This website design project was focused on a no-nonsence / no-frills approach, due to the content of the site. After a full brief we determined that the colour scheme would reflect the colours in the logo, plain and simple. Navigation would also be a key element. As the catalogue of products for sale was extremely extensive and continually growing we had to make it as easy as possible to find a product, and find it fast.

Firmly based on industrial and electronic products we got straight to business with a small but effective carousel of products – allowing our client to easily choose what items he wants to promote. A useful introduction area was added, which our client again can easily update with latest news and offers on an ad hoc basis.

With the addition of a latest products area, it’s now possible to sell directly from page one! This again, is all fully customisable in the content management system. It’s easy to change which products appear on the home page, and indeed it’s a great way to keep the website looking fresh and encourages return visitors.

Our client also wanted us to focus on a way to promote his PDF catalogues on his home page. So we integrated this in a neat and easy to access way.

This site design was commissioned by SMB Solutions.