Light leaks tutorial

A trend that is becoming more and more popular in Photography recently is a vintage/film/retro style. You can see examples in Urban Outfitters, Nylon Mag, Anthropologie, etc. One of the major elements in this style is the light leak. Some of you may remember the post a few months back about Light Leaks in Photography. Light leaks are probably one of the main reasons I enjoy analog photography so much. They’re like little perfect imperfections that add a whole new feel to the image – makes the picture appear a little softer and dreamier.

A light leak is exactly what the name suggests. It’s when light accidentally leaks into the camera causing an area of the film to over-expose. Some people hate it and go as far as to cover the back of the camera with duct tape so as to avoid it, but I think it’s beautiful!

Creating light leaks in Photoshop is really simple. In this video you’ll see how to create vintage style light leaks in just a few steps.

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