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Debbie McKay, Basic Author
We are very pleased to announce that Hairy Goat Design has now been given Ezine Articles expert author status. As part of our ongoing SEO and brand marketing strategies we regularly write articles which are tailored to our clients needs. These articles are great methods of raising search engine rankings, increasing click backs and click-through rates and creating a rounded brand awareness with your potential customers.

Our articles are full of keyword-rich text and are written in such a way to inform and encourage readers to click through to your blog or website, to view galleries and find more info. Here follows an exerpt:

The bubbling chrome used in these Chromatic mosaic tiles is sealed in  smooth, clear or coloured glass. It has a wonderful jewel-like quality  and adds sparkle to any room in which these mosaic tiles are placed. At  any time of the day, you will see something different in these glass  tiles, as the changing light highlights different tones and creates new  reflections around the room. They will create a sense of light,  brightening up any area and create a beautiful focal point in your  kitchen or bathroom.

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