Packaging Design

So what is the purpose of packaging design and how important is it?

Packaging is used as a means to project an image; it advertises the benefits and attributes of the product inside. It’s a place to showcase the brand identity of the product, and in some cases, the packaging design can also contribute to the overall product experience. Most importantly, packaging design has to attract customers’ attention.

To this end, Hairy Goat Design’s package designs are not only practical or informative, but also aim to provoke feelings and communicate emotions. Our primary objective is to create effective packaging designs which look attractive, impress with its creativity and are just plain “nice” to have.

We believe that good packaging design should sell the product, because nearly 75% of purchase decisions are made at actual time of purchase. We are a nation of impulse buyers! Here are some golden rules we always consider:-

  • Communicate the products key benefits as quickly and clearly as possible
  • If your packaging is environmentally friendly, it will pay to advertise the fact
  • Research the competition – find out what works and what doesn’t
  • Make sure yours stands out and doesn’t get lost in the noise of the other packaging

Consumers are fickle! They have short attention spans and are easily persuaded to try something new. As a result, we recommend that your packaging design ought to be updated approximately every two years. Even if you have an old product with a loyal customer base, a deft touch in it’s packaging design will make it look fresh and new.

Hairy Goat Design also handle product photography and retouching – providing a start-to-finish packaging service. Ask for more details.